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It was late March 2020 when I closed my business, a quirky little live music venue.  Everything changed & the world just seemed to stop spinning, people weren't in such a rush anymore, the sun shone from that very first day & I don't think it rained for months, or at least that's how it felt. People were told to work from home, there were no planes, trains or buses & kids were home schooled.  It was certainly a very different time for many.  But it also felt that the whole world were united as we were all in lockdown, the entire world together & although it was strange, people seemed to care more for the world, for other people not just our own people, for once it felt like we loved one an other & actually cared about our planet.  We were allowed one hour per day of exercise & strangers smiled & we greeted one an other as we passed, it was warming to realise that people can be friendly & kind to one an other. 

We love the outdoors & have camped for years, we'd progressed from a tent to a caravan & we'd recently bought a VW T4 & we planned on embarking on an adventure around the North Coast 500 as soon as lockdown ended.  

We'd been talking about sailing boats (we used to have a motor boat but the drone of the engine made me very sea sick) so Chris thought I'd be fine on a boat powered by sail. 3 months later Lockdown came to an end & so we were on the look out for a sailing boat (the NC 500 was put on hold).  The boat we found was a little 21ft trailer sailor so she was ideal for us, no need for mooring fees etc as we'd just bring her back home on her trailer after our trips away on her.  By the way we know absolutely nothing about sailing, well Chris knew a bit as he used to sail his uncles little enterprise when he was a kid but that was a long time ago & this boat is a bit bigger than an enterprise dinghy (same principle, just on a larger scale), what could go wrong?!?!?  

Here is our story & adventures from sailing to mountain climbing.  Thanks for reading, please do keep popping back to see what we're up to from time to time.   Claire x

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